The best motorcycle amplifier will mount directly at the top of your new radio. There are already four strips of high quality 3M Velcro added to the bottom of the amplifier. Just install the radio and place the amplifier on it. Due to the large amount of surface area, the Velcro will have a deadly grip on the amplifier. The amplifier will be both safe and easy to use for years to come. When attaching the amplifier to the radio, be sure to place the amplifier as close as possible to the instruments. There’s plenty of room if you don’t want the amplifier rubbing against the outer fairing.


When you pull the amplifier out of the box, you will notice that on the one hand there are connections to connect the speakers, on the other hand there are inputs from the RCA line. The remote ignition connections have been rewired for the user. The only connections not made are the power cables that must be connected on the battery to the amplifier. All settings on the amplifier have also been preset to require minimal adjustment.


When you take the radio out of the box, you will notice that the radio has been pre-mounted in the aluminum billet kit. There are some parts in the radio box that you will not use. The radio comes with a Bluetooth microphone. These parts are not used when you install this radio in a Harley. You will also find a USB cable of about 30cm. You can pass this cable through a number of different locations on the bike. Common places include: handlebar area, front of the seat/rear of the tank, lower plastic under the seat so it can be connected to a second extension cable and then be placed in one of your side bags.

Remove your old radio

Save some pain and take a long 3/16″ workout with a ball that will make you remove the old radio a moment.once the four allen bolts are out, pull the radio out to the front of the bike.

Mounting the new radio

Use the 4 Allen bolts that secure the factory radio in place. Remove the ignition lock and slide the entire radio and kit assembly into the fairing above the ignition switch. Slightly wet the rubber “o” ring before inserting it.

When replacing the ignition lock, be sure to position it correctly. If the lock is pressed too far back when it is put back in place, it will seem to work well, but the bike will not turn on. If this happens, simply remove and try again.

Once the radio is in place

Connect the radio, insert the power supply module, mount the power supply module.

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