Our Suzuki GZ250 Marauder Review

Many people find the GZ250 Marauder to be the perfect beginner bike: a low seat height (juset 28″) and a low curb weight (331 lbs) make it very unintimidating. For many (myself included) half of the dilemma that came with learning to ride a motorcycle stemmed from the fact that motorcycles are big, heavy machines and I had no idea how to pilot one.

During my motorcycle training course I was one of the happy-few that got to ride a Marauder the first run out. Being 6’2″ and 265lbs at the time I found the motorcycle to be more of a toy than anything else, but it had an engine and responded to my every input. In fact, it responded so well that I found myself wondering how something that small and that responsive could be legal on the highway.

Nevertheless, the GZ250 Marauder will hit highway speeds (though just so). It will happily cruise around town all day long, and it will do so while keeping you comfortable and keeping a nice big smile plastered on your face. As far as beginner motorcycles go, this one is a good pick.

It is not a speedster. In fact, this review could have continued without the word “speed” ever being mentioned. This motorcycle will not outrun sports cars, nor will it rocket you from 0-60 in under three seconds. It will, however, start up every time you ask it to, survive the occasional drop (and the chances are good that you WILL drop it), and it will scoot from place to place without asking questions or making obscene demands. It is, after all, a great learners bike.

Our review of the Suzuki GZ250 Marauder stems from riding the bike extensively for nearly a full week. During this week we failed to find a single flaw that would perhaps throw a new motorcycle rider off guard. Aside from a somewhat underpowered headlight, the GZ250 is the perfect motorcycle for someone who has never been on two wheels before.

The Bottom Line

The Suzuki GZ250 Marauder is not a great bike for the highway, and it isn’t an inner-city speedster either. However, it’s a small, lightweight motorcycle that would be hard pressed to intimidate anyone. This is the motorcycle for those who are afraid of motorcycles.

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